3 Tips to Renew and Rejuvenate Your Canopy

Take out your sunglasses, towel and canopy and get ready for the summer the right way!

Tip 1: Check for Broken or Missing Parts

Make sure to take some time to open up your canopy and inspect it a month or so before your event! Check it thoroughly for damaged and missing parts. Start off by inspecting the frame and confirm nothing is bent or broken. Make sure to tighten and lubricate all bolts and screws with a dry lubricant every 3 to 6 months.  Inspect the truss bars, legs, push pin locking mechanism, foot pads and all the brackets.

Safety and security are very important at every event. A properly working and well maintained canopy frame is the right place to start. Impact Canopy has replacement parts available in stock in case anything needs to be replaced.

Tip 2: Clean your Canopy Top

Unfold your top and inspect it for any dirt, damage or mildew. Carefully inspect all seams and fabric for tears. If your top is soiled, clean the inside and outside with warm soapy water. Use gentle household cleaners such as Simple Green. Please do not use bleach. Rinse thoroughly with a garden hose. Attach a spray nozzle to adjust the water pressure to a softer setting. Keep your canopy free of mildew by making sure it is completely dry before putting it away.

When it’s time to refresh your canopy branding with a new custom printed top, contact us. We are happy to help and always offer FREE ART PROOFS!

Tip 3: Secure Your Canopy

When you’re at an event, there is no worse feeling than a gust of wind lifting up your beautiful tent. With a little preplanning you can prepare for these situations. Think about the type of ground you’ll be setting up on. For soft ground, consider heavy duty ground spikes. For concrete and hard surfaces you can stabilize your canopy structure with Impact’s Universal Weight Bags or Rubber Weights. Our Universal Weight bags can be filled with Sand, Rocks, Snow or any available solid material. Rubber weights can be stacked for additional stability.

Visit our online store today to order any replacements parts, tops, or weights