Pop Up Canopy Tent Rubber Weight Plates - 4 PACK

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How many times have you arrived at your destination only to find the wind blowing and the need to secure your Instant Canopy or umbrella Filling weight bags with sand and dirt is messy and time consuming. Water bags need a water source, and spikes need soft ground.

Impact Rubber Weights are the perfect solution to all of your location issues. Made from long lasting high density rubber, Impact Rubber Weights are carefree and will last far beyond the life of any canopy or umbrella.

They can even be stacked up depending on the amount of weight (each weigh 21 pounds) required and have a handle to carry. Each rubber weight plate has a large carry handle for easy installation and removal and a universal leg slot which will accommodate a variety of Instant Canopy or structure legs.

  • Includes a set of FOUR Rubber Weight Plates
  • UV Resistant - Great for canopies and umbrellas
  • Each plate has a carry handle for easy installation and removal
  • Product Dimensions and weight: 17.4" x 17.4" x 2"
  • Product Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Slot size measures 2.5" wide
  • 3 year limited warranty - Weather damage/Normal wear & tear is not covered under warranty

  Please note:

Because the base of the product is made from rubber, and it is brand new, it will emit this odor, which the process is called outgassing. 

This outgassing will dissipate in time, but to help speed up the process, there are a few things that can be done.

 1:         Sunning - this means to put outside in the direct sun to heat up the rubber, remember to face the rubber to the sun. The act of heating the rubber will speed up out-gassing (think of heating up water, the water turns to steam, and steam is the outgassing).

 Depending on the intensity of the sun will determine how long it takes for the outgassing process. It can be a few hours, days to a few weeks depending on the heat intensity (don’t worry the product can handle it).

 2:         After “sunning” the rubber (which the odor should be dramatically less or almost non-existent), use a neutral pH cleaner to spray, let soak, then wipe the rubber surface. Types of neutral pH cleaners: dish soap, odor ban, Zep, etc., and if want some fruity scents, orange glow.

 3: Repeat, if necessary, but if step one is done properly, this should help eliminate the outgassing process, and should not have to deal with smell again.



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